Content Strategy

I finished a content marketing course, and applied it to a project I have been working on:

Course Name: One Month Content Marketing

Main Topics:

  • Incentives: Creating content of value and testing it before making it
  • Users: Researching target audience, and using their profiles to understand how to create content specifically targeted to them
  • Strategy: Choose the right mediums, channels and content types that will get the biggest wins and craft an experimentation plan
  • Promotion: Understanding and reaching reporters, link SEO and selective publishing on target websites
  • Making: Templates and tools, design strategies for making content more appealing, and writing templates for content
  • Positioning: Writing headlines that get results, copywriting and storytelling tactics, and A/B testing
  • Communications: Email newsletters, long form sales letters and drip campaigns
  • Attention & Sales: generating attention, building an audience and what attention means for your business

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