Graeme Fulton
Jekyll, Github Pages, Material Design Lite
Project date
December 2015
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Creative with Code is a website for exploring new technologies such as:

  • web graphics libraries
  • audio manipulation
  • front end development frameworks

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It’s not only a place to learn about technical aspects, but also somewhere to think about why and how we make the things we do.

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Why was it made & who's it for?

Creative with Code is a collaborative effort to make a space on the web for creative coders to share ideas and tutorials.

So far, contributers to the project include myself and Chris Konings. We both have a keen interest in creative coding, and have a collection of blog posts between us. Therefore, we decided to team up and put our thoughts and tutorials in one place.

Kickstarting the project

To get the project going quickly, I set up a blog hosted on GitHub pages, developed with a static site builder called Jekyll, and filled it with my blog posts.

Hosting on GitHub pages has allowed us to get our project live quickly, and get some quick feedback for our first version.

We're now in the process of moving the project to Ghost CMS for better content management, and the possibility to add more authors.