Graeme Fulton
Project date
User Research, User Interviews, Rapid Prototyping, XCode/Swift Development

The electronics industry is primed to disrupt long-standing business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to virtually everything─from refrigerators, televisions and coffee machines to manufacturing equipment, aircraft engines and implantable medical devices. IoT for Electronics is designed to help the electronics industry capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things.


I was part of a small team that designed and built a native iOS app for monitoring home appliances using IBM's IoT cloud solution.

App available in iTunes App available in iTunes

User Testing & Prototyping

  • Our team followed the IBM design process as a guideline to build this app, working closely with a development team.
  • We started with user research, interviews and wireframing.
Holiday + return
  • After the initial wireframing period, I went on holiday, returning to higher fidelity mockups created by our visual designer.

  • I then mapped elements of the visual design to components of a real mobile app (list views, web views, buttons etc.) to check how feasible the design was to implement in our small team.

  • I also mapped the IBM cloud services which were needed in each of the screens included in the overall flow, as shown below:

  • As we moved closer to higher fidelity, I worked on a coded prototype for the app using XCode and Swift to simulate interactions.

Prototyping interactions with XCode

  • Some of the screens in this prototype are just embedded images, saving time, and allowing us to test the app on people using a real device

  • XCode was also useful in diagramming the user flow:

By using the same software to prototype that our developers would be using to build the production version of the app, it allowed me to better understand the time that would be required by our developers, and also really understand their difficulties.

With each project I work on at IBM, I learn more about working across different teams more effectively.