Content Overview

To understand the main areas of Stack Overflow, I've mapped out the different types of content from the different sites and pages. Overall the content fell into 2 main areas:

  1. Crowd sourced content (the left circle)
  2. Internally created content (the right circle)

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The full image has a very large filesize, so I've also explained the overview below:

Crowd sourced content

The crowd sourced content falls into 4 areas:
1. Q&A
2. Jobs
3. Documentation
4. Chat

Q&A / Communities
  • There are 158 communities, many with their own community run blogs
  • Area 51 is used to incubate new Q&A sites
  • The crowd sourced content in products such as Q/A and Documentation is audited to high quality by community members
  • Newsletters are generated content from user activity

tag_faces Satisfying user needs

In the diagram, the circles containing tag_faces icons show how products have been validated with user needs. For example:

  • Community run blogs were a response to user needs:

  • the 2016 developer survey showed the need for the job section:

  • Business partners supporting and promoting Documentation:

Internally created content

Internally created content falls into 2 main regions:

  1. The Stack Exchange Blog & Help center
  2. Stack Exchange for Business (Careers and Ads)

Blogs and Help

Stack Exchange blog

The blog contributors are from all areas and departments within Stack Overflow, therefore possibly having different motives for their writing:

Blog structure thoughts:

Help Center

Help and instructions are where users can find out more about how to use Stack Overflow, and also about the company and team. It consists of:

  • Tour
  • Help Center
  • About


Careers and Ads

Careers and Ads satisfy the business needs of Stack Overflow, whilst also helping community members.

Next Steps

  • Identify the main audiences for each bit of content
  • Understand the tone and writing principles of the content
  • Understand use of social media for Stack
  • Find out how success of content is measured (e.g. developer survey)
  • Types of content - Podcast?

There is a lot more for me to explore into the Stack Overflow blog, and how content there and elsewhere can be used to achieve business and end user goals (which I also need to learn more about).

Useful resources for next steps:

Framer has a great style guide for their content:

Stack Overflow Developer Survey

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