How Facebook is eating the Internet with Instant Articles

Last year, Facebook began to allow publishers to distribute content directly on Facebook, meaning readers would be able to get
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I'm not smart, I just sat there for longer than you

Featured as a Top Story on Medium Featured on Tech in Asia If anyone's struggling with programming, or just learning
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Bureaucracy, Politics... and Changing the World: What It's Like to Design at a Global Scale

Featured on IBM Jobs blog Design in the corporation Image: Shaun Lynch, a visual design wizard in his natural habitat:
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Get on the train: Images - good or bad for UX?

Try opening any webpage, and you'll find that more often than not, the majority of network requests made to load
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Can hiring designers actually change IBM products?

Featured in Design on LinkedIn Pulse Featured on IBM Jobs blog Come and join the design team at IBM Studios
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How I increased my site render speed by 65% using Chrome dev tools

I’ve just used Chrome Canary’s developer tools to optimise my site, making the homepage render 65% faster. Check
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Why choose Gulp over Grunt - what to look for in a build tool

Grunt and Gulp are both build tools used to automate your workflow, but which one is better? We can judge
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Code more efficiently with automation and web tooling

Front-end development isn’t just about writing code, but also being flexible in the way you work. It’s important
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